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Trade of hydraulic and pneumatic components and spare parts

Trade of hydraulic and pneumatic components and spare parts for forestry, construction, road construction, transport, communal, agricultural, storage, industrial, mobile and stationary machinery. We assist and advise you on a variety of issues, help you find the best solution, and apply the most appropriate details to your technique. Other products – rotators, buckets for bulk cargo, the capture of the trees, the capture of metal, hydraulic hammers, hydraulic drills, lifts, jacks, hand pumps, springs pusher, lubricant tank, lubrication points, keys, cardan, various tools, pull up a loop, the teeth of the bucket. If necessary, we deliver the goods to the desired address.


Pneumatics – cylinders, connectors, tubes, controls, spreaders, couplings, elbows, dampers, valves, collars.


Protective, reverse, unidirectional, cut-off, reduction, electromagnetic, counterbalance, etc.

Tail – Lift Parts

Tail lift parts – all spare parts for automotic elevators.

Hydraulic System Components

Hydraulic oil tanks, connections, suction-pressure hydraulic hoses, power take-off boxes, power take-off box shafts, electro-pneumatic valves, etc.


Hoses – hydraulic, pneumatic, pump, power steering, air-conditioning. The inner diameter of 4 mm to 150 mm, working pressure up to 1000 bar.

Hydraulic Stations

Hydraulic stations – we are selling and completing different hydraulic station, the power of 0.55 kW to 50 kW, the fuel tank from 0.9 Ltr to 1000 Ltr.


Filters – filter elements, pressure, pressure, air-oil separators, vents, air and fuel filters.


Spreaders – mechanical, electrical, segment, monoblocks. Productivity up to 300 ltr / min.

Hydraulic Motors

Hydraulic motors – plunger, gear, orbital. Various power axis, or side-loading and integrated Reductor.


Pumps – plunger, plate, gear, reciprocating, rotary. A variety of axles and the mounting point for the whole technic. We also deliver spare pump parts.

Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders – unilateral, bilateral, telescopic. Their component parts are: cartridge case, stem, ears, bottoms, caps, headgear, bushes, bearings, making the flanges. Different size and power. Custom hydraulic cylinders manufacture.

Bearings And Bushings

We sell and assemble various bearings and bushings.

Hydraulic Stations;



Hydraulic motors;

Hydraulic cylinders;

Cylinders components;

Hydraulic accumulators;

Hydraulic spreaders;





Tail - lift parts;

Bucket knives and teeth;

Grabs and buckets;

Hydraulic tanks;


Hydraulic system components;


Electromagnetic coils;


Hose manufacturing equipment;

Collars, gaskets, mudguards;

Other products;

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