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Hydraulic service

All service for forestry, construction, communal, road construction, and industrial machinery. We provide technical maintenance, renewal. We advise on the technical problems of your existing equipment.

Mobile service. If necessary, we can arrive at the address you specify and repair the necessary equipment;

Metal manufacturing working;

We specialize in hole and aperture restoration, grinding;

Manufacture of bushings and pins, restoration and assembly of worn-out body parts;

Using modern high-precision equipment, we perform high-quality diagnostics and repair of the hydraulic system;

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Agricultural Machinery service

We are repair and maintaining agricultural mechanisms: tractors, combines, plows, cultivators and other equipment, which has hydraulic system elements. We also do a diagnosis of system failure.  We provide a guarantee.

Storage Equipment service

We repair and storage, and lifting techniques. Diagnosis and remove anomalies. Production of hydraulic hoses, repair of hydraulic cylinders and other hydraulic system components. Carried out guarantee.

Communal Equipment Service

We repair and maintain  communal mechanism, which has hydraulic system elements. This is the refuse collection vehicles, street maintenance vehicles, transport of waste paper collection. We do diagnosis and remove failures, change hydraulic oil, filters, hydraulic hoses, hydraulic cylinders, sliding bushings and other hydraulics system elements. We also do welding works.

Construction Mechanism Service

We repair and maintain construction mechanism. These are various lifts, towers, cranes, manipulators, dumpers, excavators, trailers, concrete mixers, hydraulic hammers, hydraulic drilling, underground drilling machines. We a do diagnosis and remove failures, change hydraulic oil, filters. We repair hydraulic and mechanical parts. With nitrogen, we filling hydraulic hammers.

Automotive Machines Service

We repair and maintain autos hydraulic, mechanical and pneumatic systems. Replace or repair old worn parts. We do a pressure diagnosis for hydraulic pump, performance from which depends on lifting power and speed. Replace screws and scissors construction component parts.  Repair or replace hydraulic motors,reducers, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic hoses, cab lift cylinders, and pumps.

Road Construction Machines Service

We repair and maintain road construction and maintenance technic for hydraulic system parts: hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, hydraulic hoses, hydraulic cylinders and electro hydro parts. Replace worn bushings, fingers. For all our work we give a guarantee.

Industrial Hydraulics Service

We repair and maintain industrial stationary hydraulic systems and their components. We do diagnosis and remove failures.  We repair hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, hydraulic hose, or change to new ones.  If client requests, we can come to their place. For all our work we give a guarantee.

Forest Technology Service

We repair and maintain the forest technic: forest mover, forwarders, rotators, grippers, turning machines. We do diagnosis, welding, turning, rack-production work. Repair hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic hoses, boom, telescopic boom structure, change fingers, bushings, pumps, distributors. For all our work we give a guarantee.

Tractor Service

Various models of tractors with hydraulic systems service.

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