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JSC “Baltijos technikos grupė” has a very large manufacturing base, that enables us for a wide range of specific details manufacturing or manufacturing of elements or units which are used for hydraulic. It is a different suspension, hydraulic pumps, cylinders, hoses, structural elements, etc. According to the model or sketch we can produce various hangers borer, rotators, buckets, hydraulic hammers. In most cases, to make the suspension takes a lot faster and cheaper than to get the original one. We can design and manufacture suspensions for any customer needs. We also perform grind, milling, cutting, welding works.

Hydraulic hose production;

The hydraulic cylinder manufacturing;

Production suspensions;

Manufacture of turning bucket mechanism;

Manufacture of slip bushings;

Manufacture of rack-and-pinions;

Manufacture of pins, shafts;

Manufacture of non-standard products;

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